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GeoViet Consulting is focusing on designing and development of geo-informatics solutions based on integration of remote sensing and GIS in support of operationally monitoring and managing agriculture, forest and ocean as well as climate change researches and environmental protection

The Vietnam FireWatch is an online interactive system developed for near-realtime automatic monitoring of forest fire over Vietnam territory detected from MODIS and NOAA-AVHRR satellite data. The current version 2.0 (2008) - now in operation at the FPD Website (MARD) - is routinely generating forest fire hotspots, extracting fire information and fire locations and uploading on interactive Web as the fast and reliable communication means to local forest fire fighters all over the country. The system includes online map applications, fire database, query and statistical analysis to help the management of forest fire in Vietnam.

To supplement the Vietnam FireWatch and to improve overall effectiveness in forest fire managent in Vietnam, GeoViet Consulting supported the FPD (MARD) to develop the Forest Fire Early Warning System, which routinely identifies high-risk areas based on operational daily meteorological observations data and presents it on the interactive forest fire warning maps.

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The rice monitoring system is designed and developed based on routine processing and analyzing of multi-temporal satellite data (MODIS và NOAA-AVHRR) in order to produce time-composites and series of classified agricultural crops / rice maps based on the changing temporal patterns of computed indices. Using IDL and VB .NET, the system composes of processing routines for satellite-based indices computation (e.g., NDVI, EVI, TDVI, LSWI, NSW, NDSI, salinity index…), which allows for operationalization of the rice monitoring over the growing phases as well as over multi-year cycles. The system is currently updated and completed...

In addition, GeoViet Consulting continues research and development of: (1) Forest Monitoring System (in support to the forestry sector); and (2) Ocean Resource Monitoring System (in support to the fisheries sector) based on the utlization of multi-temporal MODIS và NOAA-AVHRR satellite data.

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